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Our philosophy can be summed up as "life is so, so short, rigorously analyse and strip away society's froth and sham. Be aware of, and manage our lives constraints, empower the informed true you, be happy, have fun, be spontaneous stretch and grow to your potential within a concept of community it's only then that you can perceive, give and receive the wholesome best. Live it, now!".

We are a dad and son team, urban refugees. We enjoy turf fires and woolly jumpers, yet appreciate the worth and elegance of the finer things of life such as philosophy, art, architecture, culture, history and a discerning taste for authenticity and nature's comforts. We enjoy good cooking with local foods, the outdoor life and Gearoid plays traditional music periodically for local events/pubs.

We have been lucky enough to live here for over ten years and are part of a great community. Its remote quietness, rural beauty, wildlife, breathtaking scenery and stunning sunsets are just some of the jewels of east Clare, we wish to share.

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"Thank you. I write to tell you that I had a really fun holiday, meeting like minded people, the pace of theactivities were just right, will be back soon."

Bergen, Munich

"Still thinking of those glorious views and great people I met, the music Keane's Pub is still in my ears, Thank you."

Joanna, London

"I'm in two minds whether to tell my friends about East Clare as I want to keep it a secret place, had a super time, back soon."

Millie and Frank, Chicago




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